Decoupling Data Policy and Application Code
with Open Policy Agent (OPA)

Lander Visterin @ Devoxx 2023

Wed. 4 October 2023 / 13:05 / LUNCH TALK - ROOM 9

Decoupling Data Policy and Application Code
with Open Policy Agent (OPA)

Join us at Devoxx, as we delve into the world of decoupling data policy from application logic using Open Policy Agent (OPA).

Led by Lander Visterin, Software Architect at Klarrio, this session is tailored for developers and data engineers seeking innovative solutions in the realm of cloud-native architecture and open-source security.

As a CNCF Graduated project, OPA has made its mark in the Kubernetes ecosystem and beyond, revolutionizing policy management.


  • Unveil the capabilities of Open Policy Agent (OPA) as a dynamic policy engine.
  • Explore the concept of decoupling data policy from application code and its strategic advantages.
  • Learn effective methods for managing OPA, including policy distribution and audit logging.
  • Dive deep into data policy integration using OPA within various services.

Whether you’re a seasoned OPA user or exploring it for the first time, this session is designed to empower you with the knowledge and inspiration to elevate your data policy management strategies. Lander Visterin will guide you through the intricacies of OPA, showcasing its potential to transform policy enforcement in applications across the board.

Save your seat, don’t miss this opportunity to engage with peers and experts, and gain a fresh perspective on data policy and application logic.



Lander Visterin
Software Architect, Klarrio

Lander is a Software Architect at Klarrio with a passion for cloud native infrastructure.
He has worked on solving problems to make cloud agnostic, multi-tenant platforms scalable and maintainable.


Devoxx are annual technology conferences organised by developers for developers around the world.

When? 13:05 on Wednesday, 4 October 2023
Where? ROOM 9 / Metropolis Antwerp – Business & Communication Center.
Groenendaallaan 394, 2030 Antwerp