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Intelligent Traffic Management

Data Driven Driving

In the 'Talking Traffic Partnership' ( the Dutch Ministry of

Infrastructure and Environment collaborates with several public and private parties to deliver up-to-date traffic information from a wide variety of data sources to road users via smartphones and personal or onboard navigation systems. KPN (The Netherlands incumbent Telco) was selected as IT partner for Talking Traffic, and Klarrio was commissioned to design, build, maintain, and operate the platform.

This presentation will:
• Outline the government's objectives.
• Discuss the uniqueness of the platform.
• Demonstrate the platform in action.


Wagdy Samir

Wagdy Samir, CEO Klarrio Apac

Wagdy Samir is the CEO of Klarrio Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of Klarrio. Wagdy has over 30 years of experience in engineering, research, strategy development and execution, and large deal business development. Prior to Klarrio, he held different senior executive positions with Bluechip multinationals. These include: Managing Director, Technology Solutions, Cisco APAC; SVP global Strategy and Corporate Development with Technicolor; Principal with Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group; Business Development Director with Alcatel Australasia; and Consulting and Strategy Lead with IBM Global Services. Wagdy holds a BE (hons), a PhD in Mathematics, and a full-time MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, all from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

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