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Data Engineer


At Klarrio we specialize in building streaming data pipelines, IoT platforms and distributed systems. As a Data Engineer, it is your responsibility to build the necessary components for these cloud platforms, based on customer requirements and using open source technologies.
You will be challenged to investigate and learn new technologies to meet the increasing demands on latency, scalability, reliability and observability, in public and private cloud.


You will be working on a number of internal and customer facing components for a range of projects in various domains, i.e.: smart cities, transport & logistics, telecom, public infrastructure.


You will become a member of an agile, multidisciplinary, highly motivated, geo-distributed R&D team. We have a no nonsense mentality where we just want to get things done. Continuous research and education are crucial for the Klarrio team to stay ahead in various domains. We have a culture of knowledge sharing, both internally and externally. To stimulate this culture, we execute the most of the work from our offices in Herzogenrath, NRW.


An IT professional with a talent for taking it on and making it happen, enthusiasm for helping others to be successful and a knack for always being a step ahead. You are a naturally collaborative person and are eager to propose creative solutions to problems.

As a data engineer, you show :

  • Solid programming skills, preferably in one of following programming languages: Scala, JavaScript, Go,
  • Knowledge of Linux operating system and shells / scripting languages (Python, Ruby, …),
  • Experience with network programming or server-side projects, preferably micro-service architectures / distributed systems, good understanding of eventual consistency, distributed consensus and leader election,
  • Hands-on experience with Apache Kafka,
  • Exposure to frameworks and tools (Spark, Flink, Storm).


  • Docker, Docker Compose,
  • unit/integration testing.


  • CI/CD,
  • experience in setting up and operating Spark jobs,
  • prior exposure to Kubernetes, Mesos or both,
  • prior exposure to AWS (compute, storage, networking, VPC, Lambda, IAM) or GCP (comparable services).


We will introduce you to a new world or accelerate your skills. We offer a stable environment to work in, with a competitive salary, performance bonuses and mobility packages. On top of a competitive compensation package, we’ll add Performance Bonuses, Health Insurance, Retirement planning and a Mobility Package. A place to learn, experiment and exercise your brain, in order to strengthen your powers and feed your passion.
Internal and external training programs to grow your skills. Open Source contributions.

Our package

  • We will introduce you to a new world or accelerate your skills
  • Respect towards customers, colleagues, and competitors, regardless of race, gender, age, personal challenges, and education levels
  • A competitive compensation package
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Mobility Package
  • A work environment where we want to get things done, lean and mean
  • Internal and external training programs to grow your skills