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Frontend Engineer: streaming data

Klarrio is looking for a frontend developer that can build the visual interface between our customers and their streaming data platform.

Your tech challenges & responsibilities

At Klarrio we are specialized in building streaming data pipelines and IoT platforms. Because these platforms are typically highly dynamic, data updates are streamed from the backend towards the frontend so that users always have access to the latest data. In this lies the challenge to show both big data blobs as well as the individual datapoints in an efficient way.

As a frontend developer it is your responsibility to develop user interfaces that are intuitive, reactive and that scale, implemented with best practices and code quality in mind.

The projects you’ll be working on

Given that we have multiple clients, you will be working on a wide range of projects in various domains (Smart Cities, Transport & logistics, Telecom, Public Infrastructure).

The user interfaces for these projects are (mostly) web applications and are typically divided into 3 categories:

  • Data Visualization: exposing the data within the platform in a streaming manner, with some interactivity
  • Platform & Data Management: user interfaces to manage the configuration of a platform, or the data within it
  • Platform Insights: custom (interactive) visualizations to expose platform internals

The team

You’ll become part of an agile, multidisciplinary R&D team. We have a no nonsense mentality where we just want to get things done, lean and mean. Continuous research and education are crucial for the Klarrio team to stay ahead in the various domains. We have a strong culture of knowledge sharing, both internally as well as externally.

Skills & Requirements

  • Ability to wireframe user interfaces (via eg. Sketch, Balsamiq, …)
  • For enterprise-grade user interfaces you will be working with frameworks such as Angular, while for less complex visualizations you will be using lightweight JavaScript/Typescript libraries.
  • For communication with a backend both REST and MQTT are commonly used.
  • To secure the web applications you will come into contact with OAuth/OpenID Connect
  • Apart from these frontend related technologies you’ll also use Docker and DC/OS to deploy your applications.
  • Being Klarrio, we are always on the lookout for better technologies that can improve our stack, using the best tools for the job at hand. So the R in R&D is an important part of your job.
  • Knowledge of Kafka or other great open-source technologies is a plus.
  • An appetite to learn the technologies mentioned here.

Compensation and benefits

We will introduce you to a new world or accelerate your skills

On top of a competitive compensation package, we’ll add Performance Bonuses, Health Insurance, Retirement planning and a Mobility Package.

A place to learn, experiment and exercise your brain, in order to strengthen your powers and feed your passion. Internal and external training programs to grow your skills.

Our package

  • We will introduce you to a new world or accelerate your skills
  • Respect towards customers, colleagues, and competitors, regardless of race, gender, age, personal challenges, and education levels
  • A competitive compensation package
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Mobility Package
  • A work environment where we want to get things done, lean and mean
  • Internal and external training programs to grow your skills


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